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Dear Customer,

It is very important for us to offer you only high quality food and natural remedies, aimed at providing you with the best possible support for your health and well-being.

But there is much more we would like to do for you.

With "aerobic stabilized oxygen" we offer you a very special product that provides the body with additional oxygen in a simple and sensible way.
Unfortunately, there are some companies that have started to imitate the original product or to sell it in diluted form. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to several important points:

  • What is the crucial difference between "aerobic stabilized oxygen" and Aerobic Oxygen?
  • Which products are based on harmful chlorine dioxide?
  • Why should you absolutely avoid taking in products based on chlorine dioxide on a regular basis?
  • Which are the counterfeit goods, diluted products and mixtures available on the market, some of which potentially have adverse effects on health and how do you recognize the original quality?


Important information about consumer protection
Clarification on the original "aerobic stabilized oxygen":

  • In 1971, Texan researcher E.D. Goodloe (1915 – 1995) rediscovered a formula of highly effective and health-preserving stabilized oxygen.
  • There is only one laboratory worldwide that produces stabilized oxygen in this pure form in a 2-month-long production process in 14 stages, following the original formula by E.D. Goodloe. In this laboratory the oxygen is directly filled into bottles which are sealed, labeled and shrink-wrapped immediately afterwards. This procedure guarantees the pureness of the bottles’ content.
  • The only bottles available in Germany containing the guaranteed pure content feature the logo

    and the description: "E.D.Goodloe’s stabilized oxygen, the original formula since 1971"
  • Globalis, as general representative of "aerobic stabilized oxygen", wants to draw the customers’ attention to counterfeit products (imitations, diluted products and mixtures with partially adverse effects on health) and in some cases even advises against the use of those products.
  • The crucial difference between all stabilized oxygen products:
    The original product is based on natural salt (sodium chloride).
    Other products may be based on chlorine dioxide!
  • What is the disadvantage of chlorine dioxide?
    Chlorine dioxide affects the essential intestinal bacteria. It is only recommended for occasional water treatment.

Products available on the market which have to be distinguished from the original product:

1. Aerobic Oxygen

  • Aerobic Oxygen is probably the product most frequently confused with the original product.
  • The crucial difference between "aerobic stabilized oxygen" and Aerobic Oxygen:
    a) "aerobic stabilized oxygen" contains 80.000 ppm of stabilized oxygen molecules.
    Aerobic Oxygen contains only about 12.000 ppm of stabilized oxygen molecules
    b) "aerobic stabilized oxygen", by E.D. Goodloe, is the only product based on the original formula.
    The basis for oxygen bonding is sodium chloride (salt) which has no effect on health.
    Aerobic Oxygen is based on chlorine dioxide!

2. Dr. La Mar's Aerobic 07

  • This product is one of the imitations and is based on chlorine dioxide.

3. Oxylife

  • This product is not produced according to the original formula. As nearly all other imitations, it is based on chlorine dioxide.

4. ASO® Oxygen Dietary Supplement (Activated Stabilized Liquid Oxygen)

  • For this product the abbreviation “ASO” was used. This abbreviation is generally used only for the original product. This, in turn, is deceiving and misleading the consumer by creating the impression that he/she is dealing with the original product.

5. MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

  • Chlorine dioxide is the effective substance of MMS. It does not contain stabilized oxygen molecules It can even be made by oneself at home.